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For New Portal USers Using the Uploader

RTMP ID: AutoStart: Repeat:
For Each Stram Name Use:
EXAMPLE PATH: http://RTMPID.cloud.influxis.com/hls-vod/ManagedContent/STREM NAME_h264_main_l31_1500k_480p_aac_96k.mp4
The path can be found by selecting the video and the video url tab.
After copying the HTML code on the bottom you will need to adjust the bit rates for 2 of the file outputs.

Title 1: Image1 Url: Stream Name 1 Decription 1:
Title 2: Image2 Url: Stream Name 2 : Decription 2:
Title 3: Image3 Url: Stream Name 3 : Decription 3:
Title 4: Image4 Url: Stream Name 4: Decription 4:
Title 5: Image5 Url: Stream Name 5: Decription 5:
Title 6: Image6 Url: Stream Name 6: Decription 6:
Title 7: Image7 Url: Stream Name 7: Decription 7:
Title 8: Image8 Url: Stream Name 8: Decription 8:
Title 9: Image9 Url: Stream Name 9: Decription 9:
Title10: Image10 Url: Stream Name10: Decription10:
Title11: Image11 Url: Stream Name11: Decription11:

This playlist builder can be used with your new portal managed content videos which can also play on mobile
Copy the Code and Save as YOURNAME.html