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FLOW PLAYER With Fallback to iOS and Android

Fill in all fields and click for you player.
RTMP ID or IP Cloud or Rphost: Aplication Dir:

Stream Name :
Bit Rates are set to default encoding job. Example of custom profile(_h264_baseline_l31_1000k_480p_aac_96k.mp4)
Bit Rate 1 : Bit Rate 2 : Bit Rate 3 :

Change Height in Pixels: Change Width in Pixels:    Image Url:

Hide Controller Bar:     AutoStart: Buffer Time:

If you would like to enable share links remove (/* */)   

Input for live stream paths. Only Dedicated Wowza and AMS 4.5 servers will ba able to stream to mobile with this code
New portal users should use the live Fmle links to broadcast to mobile on top.
Teredak URL: rtmp://.:1935/
FMS URL: rtmp://./
Stream Name:
Change the http path to the following for Wowza. http://:1935///playlist.m3u8
Copy the Code and save as YOURNAME.html